Picture of Week: The Worst Mold House Ever!

by Michael Bolton on November 2, 2011

The Worst Mold House Ever!

Look Below.

I’ve been asked numerous times what’s the worst house that I have appraised in regards to condition. This one comes to the top of the list because of the stark contrast between the exterior and the interior. It was amazing how bad this house was. I had to stop several times and go outside to get a breath of fresh air due to the airborne mold spores. One of the take home lessons from this appraisal inspection was always bring a respiratory mask when appraising a mold house, even if you look like Darth Vader.


I did have the good fortune of being able reinspect this property after it had been renovated. I was quite impressed with the job the investor did, as you can see from the pictures below you would of never known the previous condition.

I’m very curious to hear about what your worst mold story was, please do tell.

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