The Tax Assessor: Should You Let Them In

by Michael Bolton on October 7, 2011


The Dilemma:

Last week I came home to find the above tag on my front door, at first I thought I might have forgotten to pay my water bill. No, it was from the “Tax Assessor”, and they wanted to inspect my humble abode. Now being an appraiser, one would think that I would appreciate the opportunity to challenge the tax assessor every chance I got-not so! Just like I do with my clients, I have to evaluate whether the time and expense is worth it. Not to mention I like to keep a good relation with the tax assessors, it’s to my clients’ advantage.

My Decision:

I decided not to have her inspect my home for a couple of reasons: first, I agree with their assessment for the most part; second, I’ve been so busy I didn’t feel like straightening and cleaning-up (I know it’s just my dog and I, but he’s messy).


Should You Let The Assessor In?

In my appraisal business I help people challenge their tax assessed value quite frequently, so I get a fair number of questions like this, and about the tax assessor in general. I recently wrote a blog on my website about the five most frequently asked questions about the tax assessor that should answer most of your questions. Personally, I would only let the assessor in if I felt it was to my advantage.


How about you, has the tax assessor been to your home lately; did you let them in?


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